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PostSubject: RULES EVERYONE MUST READ   RULES EVERYONE MUST READ Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2007 9:16 am

Main Rules
Offensive Actions
Do not use language and/or images that may be offensive to other members. Such as abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Language and/or images that include nudity, sexual activity, profanity, or that violate other rules are not allowed.

Law Violations
Do not promote or solicit illegal activities or violate any copyright laws.

Flooding and Duplicate Posts
Do not create a large amount of useless posts that do not contribute to anything. An example would be replying to a lot of topics in a short period of time with replies such as "ok" and "cool" and other useless posts. Do not create duplicate "Copy and Paste" topics, even if they are located in different forums. Depending on the severity of these actions your account will either be reset where you will lose your post count, or you will be banned.

Useless Posts
Do not post extremely long words that stretch the topic tables. An example would be a post such as:

Very long words will be moderated. If you continue to post these types of posts you will be banned. Do not post senseless messages, an example would be something like "ljgljdsfljglsdjflkgjjg". There is no good reason for senseless posts.

Other Boards
Links to other forums are allowed in your signature and public profile depending the the site content and/or forum subjects. In no way do we endorse or are responsible for the off-site links that users post. Links to forums that may be offensive or insulting to others will be removed based on the Moderator's decision.

Blatant Spamming
If the majority of your posts or reason for being here is to spam/advertise, then you will be moderated. This rule is in place for those who only come here to spam and nothing else.

If you wish to let others know about your site you can place a link in your profile or signature. Creating posts or private messages just to advertise your site are not allowed.

Abusive Activities
Do not abuse any of the services that we offer. There is always an admin or moderator present on a daily basis who looks out for these things. It is a lot easier for us to click a button and remove any abuse someone has tried to cause since we have scripts to take of these problems, so you are not putting us through any trouble whatsoever.

Do not impersonate other members of this forum. This would result in your immediate ban.

Moderation Complaints
If you have a question or comment regarding a moderation, contact me or the Moderators privately. Complaints posted which concern forum moderations will be either locked or removed, since a lot of members wish to enjoy the forums without having to put up with the drama.

This is a rule which is implemented on a lot of huge forums that helps prevent a few moderations. Trolling is when someone intentionally tries to instigate a problem or tries to solely annoy others. This rule will be judged by the moderators on whether the individual is intending to cause trouble or not. You have a right to your opinion but if your main task is to annoy others you could be moderated.

Respect the Rules
Do not make any insults against the Moderators or Administrators of this forum. We will try our best to make the site enjoyable for everyone and it is impossible to please everyone, so there is no need for the flames. We do welcome mature feedback but bashing is disrepectful and noone deserves it.
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